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About me

Hi, I am Krishna.
I have just completed my masters degree (Master of Computer Applications) and searching for job. Earlier I have done PGDCA, GNIIT and B.Sc. Computer Science.

I have been in the computer programming world since 1999. I have worked in MS DOS, Novell, Windows NT, Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, and UNIX environment. I love doing programming (especially C/C++ and web-centric database driven application development). I am also acquainted with Microsoft Active X (both EXE and DLL) and OLE. I am well versed with Java too. In fact, I was programming extensively in Java (Swing, JDBC etc.) between late-2005 and early-2006.

I seldom code Active X controls/DLLs, instead I am focused on the Microsoft server side scripting model - ASP (and its latest avatar .Net). Now a days, I am also trying to get myself familiar with Java Servlets and JSP. J2ME has emerged as my second love too. I like reading computer programming books, technical articles and working on latest compilers and IDEs. I search the Net for XML/SOAP and material related to advanced C++.

Besides this, I prefer watching Science and Technology shows on television. I have written several software applications.

My Programs
  • News Ticker - A small (less intuitive) news ticker (hyperlink enabled) written in Java.
  • KSplitter -  A fully customized universal file splitter program (supporting from .txt to .mp3).
  • Kotepad - An enhanced Windows Notepad clone with advanced features.
My Articles [published on CodeGuru]
My Favorites
Languages I Love To Work In
  • C and C++.
  • Visual C++ (Win32 API/MFC).
  • Java (Applets/Servlets/JSP).
  • J2ME (MIDlets).
Latest Entrant to My PC
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • FlashGet (JetCar) Version 1.71.
  • DivX Codecs Version 5.2.1.
My Hobbies
  • Reading computer (programming) books/magazines.
  • Studying and analyzing source-codes, written by other geeks.
  • Watching sci-fi and technology shows (Discovery, Net Geo & BBC).

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