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Viewing problem solution

This site has been designed with extensive usage of DHTML. Hence it can be viewed as-is with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and Mozilla (including Mozilla 1.7.5 & Firefox 1.0.1). This site has been designed to be viewed at a particular screen configuration. Try the following steps to get rid of common viewing problems.
  • Set your screen resolution to 800x600 by following,
    Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings
    Now move the "Screen area" slider to 800x600 value and click OK.

  • Follow these steps to change color depth,
    Start > Control Panel > Display > Settings
    Now set the "Colors" value to 'True Color (24 bit)' from drop down list and click OK.
  • To enable text anti-aliasing on your computer system follow these steps,
    Star > Control Panel > Display > Effects
    Now under '"Visual Effects" group check the 'Smooth edges of screen fonts' and click on OK.

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