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It all started once when I realized that Notepad was making me shrink my shoulders. There was not enough room for my thoughts to grow. And since Notepad is the standard text editor on Windows platform I just couldn't ignore it for writing short textual notes and/or editing my HTML/Batch files. Awful situation... All in all I had to think of designing one at my own and the result was Kotepad.

When I started working on this application, there was a single motive behind - enhance the Windows Notepad.

Kotepad is a Windows based text editor that can be considered as a clone of Notepad. It is an enhanced version of Notepad, featuring all the standard Notepad options and the following additional ones,
  • Remembers last used folder,
  • Shows opened file properties on the fly,
  • Display recently used file list (for faster selection),
  • Allows the case conversion (upper to lower and vice-versa),
  • Implements search and replace functionality,
  • Allows insertion of date and time separately/combinedly,
  • Single key-press horizontal line insertion,
  • Automatic HTML comment insertion (a single key-press feature),
  • Fully customized editor settings (font, foreground-color, background-color etc.),
  • Allows clearing of histories (customized),
  • Remembers application window status and position and many more...
Kotepad is freeware in nature and you can download/redistribute it for non-commercial (or commercial) usage without my permission (as long as the developer information dialog box is not disabled).

The latest release of Kotepad is v1.0.0 (and hopefully the last one also.) I won't work on this application anymore. I have provided all in Kotepad whatever I wanted to provide. However, if you want to get any kind of help or want to report any bugs, you can always contact me and you will be promptly responded.

A screenshot of the application is provided for a glance.

Download Link: Download Kotepad v1.0.0 (33.6 KB compressed, 124 KB uncompressed)

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