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Maharishi Arvind Institute of Science and Management
MCA Batch 2002-2003
[II Semester]

COBOL programming language assignments (You can also download all programs as


Assignment Objective Source
1. Make a program to add the digits of a five-digit number and display the sum of digits. sod.cob
2. Write a COBOL program to add, subtract, multiply and divide two numbers and display their result. calc.cob
3. Write a COBOL program to find out the largest and the smallest amongst three numbers. larsml.cob
4. Write a COBOL program to display Fibonacci series up to N terms. fibn.cob
5. Write a COBOL program to check whether a given number is even or odd. evod.cob
6. Write a COBOL program for calculation of tax according to the amount. taxcalc.cob
7. Write a COBOL program to display natural numbers up to N terms. natn.cob
8. Write a COBOL program to read a list of numbers to count total positive, zero and negative numbers. cntnpz.cob
9. Write a COBOL program to give a month number and display corresponding month name in characters. cal.cob
10. The data names Fact Value and Rate contains the fact value of equity shares and the rate of dividend respectively. Write a COBOL program to calculate the gross dividend using the formula: gross-dividend = fact-value * rate / 100. grd.cob
11. Make a program to calculate the factorial of a given number. The program should be in a interactive mode and running in infinte loop. fact.cob
12. Write a COBOL program, which accepts N numbers in an array, and find the average and highest number. avhi.cob
13. Make a program to print out only accout adn balance. Record consists of: account_number PIC 9(4), type of account PIC x(4), name of account holder PIC X(30) and balance on July 31, 1996 PIC 9(6)V99. Data are to be read from a file. File name is usually supplied. Output should be on 80 columns. Header should consists of "Name of Institution" at center. After leaving three lines of ' '. Header line giving the field name should appear at the end of the report. Total number of account holders and total number of accounts should also appear. bankop.cob
14. Write a COBOL program to create a file, each record contains name, class, and obtained marks of three subjects of each candidate. studop.cob
15. Write a COBOL program to read a student file which is created in the previous assignment and output it in tabular format:
Roll No. Name of the student Marks1 Marks2 Marks3 Total Marks
16. Make a program to create a data file with record counter and append facility. Record consists of name PIC X(10), telephone number PIC X(6), address PIC X(50). Provide the facility through which a user can search the name and address of a person by specifying his/her telephone number. telsrch.cob
17. Electricity board bills its customers according to the following plan. For industries < 5000 units Rs. 1.50/unit, >= 5000 but < 20000 Rs. 1.70/unit, 20000 or above Rs. 1.90/unit. For the educational institutions < 2000 50 paise/unit, 2000 or above 70 paise/unit. For government organizations 60 paise/unit. For household consumer < 200, 90 paise/unit, 200 and above Rs. 1/unit. Make a program which writes data in a file. Record contains 1. Customer name PIC X(30), 2. Customer type PIC X. "1, 2, 3, 4" may be chosen to indicate customer code. 3. Customer consumer number PIC X(5). 4. City zone in which consumption is reported PIC X(4). 5. Consumption in units PIC 9(7). elecbill.cob
18. Make a COBOL program output the following 1. Customer name and city zone, 2. Consumer number, 3. Customer type, 4. Units consumed, 5. Total bill. Use the information given in the previous assignment. elecdisp.cob
19. Write a program in COBOL to sort a single dimensional array using 'Bubble Sort' technique. bubbsort.cob
20. Write a COBOL program which reads a square matrix of 3x3 order from the user and then find out the sum of the diagonal elements. sqmatsum.cob
21. In a company employees are allocated one fixed record per employee on a wages master file. The format of this record on file contains Employee Number, Employee Name, Hourly Rates of pay, Total Gross Income. The transaction file contains fixed length record with format Employee Number and Hours worked in a week.
Design and write a COBOL program to process the employee transaction file against employee master file and produce & update master file and pay slip for each employee.
22. Write a COBOL program to accept the input data and display the output information after performing the processing as given. empdata.cob

I have ignored assignment numbered 7, 8, 11 to 23 (due to ambiguity and errors in the problem statement) of the college assignments and 8, 13, 15, 16, 18 of the university assignments for the unknown reasons.

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