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Java Tutorial

Java is a platform independent and strong object-oriented programming language, conceived at Sun Microsystems. Learning Java is not a one-step process and may require you several months of rigorous coding practices to master it. You, mainly use it to create the applications (and applets or software components) that are to be deployed on to the Web (or more precisely Web servers). But this doesn't mean that Java is used for this purpose alone. In fact, after getting used to the Java programming and its internals you can create your own Apache or Yahoo! Chat Server.

No other, than the creator can describer you a product. Sun Microsystems' site is the best place to start learning the Java programming language. However, I recently came across a wonderful Java tutorial on the Net. You can download and use it to learn this wonderful programming language. Entire tutorial has been divided into 19 chapters carefully categorized under three parts. Tutorial contents are as follows,

Web Programming With Java
(Imprint: SAMS.Net)
Author: Michael Girdley and Kathryn A. Jones
Publication Date: Sep-96
ISBN: 1-57521-113-0
  • Part-I
    • Chapter 1: An Overview Of Java.
    • Chapter 2: Getting Started.
    • Chapter 3: An Introduction to Java Classes.
    • Chapter 4: Creating Your Own Objects.
  • Part-II
    • Chapter 5: Writing a Java Applet: The Order Entry System.
    • Chapter 6: The Order Entry System: Adding Features and Handling Events.
    • Chapter 7: The Order Entry System: Entry Fields, Labels, and Validation.
    • Chapter 8: The Order Entry System: Managing the Applet Layout.
    • Chapter 9: The Order Entry System: Adding Graphics and Logo.
    • Chapter 10: The Order Entry System: Exception Handling and Browser Interaction.
    • Chapter 11: Reading and Writing with Java.
  • Part-III
    • Chapter 12: Network Programming with Java.
    • Chapter 13: General Purpose Classes.
    • Chapter 14: Extending Java.
    • Chapter 15: Developing Database Applications and Applets with JDBC.
    • Chapter 16: Multithreading with Java.
    • Chapter 17: Advanced Graphics: Multimedia.
    • Chapter 18: Serious Play: Game Applets.
    • Chapter 19: Security Issues.
Download it now [1.15 MB] This is much smaller than the Sun's huge tutorial (and less comprehensible, in comparison), but covers all the basics. After downloading the compressed file, unzip it under a folder. Start from ewtoc.html file.

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